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Zami’s healing touch

By: Mmatshepo Dikgole
To contemplation touching someone injured and making them better is a fascinating motive that persuaded Zami Mbatha to opt for a career as a massage therapist. Originally from Newcastle at the province of KwaZulu Natal, Mbatha found a home at Royal Bafokeng to pursue what she likes most.
Twelve years to date Mbatha worked under welcoming hands of Platinum Stars Fc and had the privilege of taking care of the soccer players in matters like sports injuries among others.
According to Mbatha “the part that interests me most was how come you massage someone and they will feel better or different. I was always eager to know what was it that makes them feel better”; she said.
Even though she has other qualification, she chose the one close to her heart. During these keen periods of her career she explained how she found no woman in the country to look up to when she started in the field profesionally. “Currently I know two women who are doing these at a professional level”, noted.
Her work as sports massage therapist earned her a name of team masseuse at Dikwena camp.
The work entails being constantly surrounded by strong build characters who are continuously keeping in shape. You have “to be strong mentally, know what you do and what you need to do” she explained.
From on top of her mind the only tough injury she had to deal with was having a hamstring injury. “It takes too long to heal” she explained.
Mbatha studied at Wits University where she did a course in “chiropractic and after sports massage therapy” noted.
Except working for Platinum stars as a Sports massage therapist, Mbatha also worked closely with rugby teams like Lions in South Africa and internationally she worked with soccer national teams like Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.